A Night With The Goldpanners

“You guys helped me when I needed it the most. Now, I want to help someone else and pay it forward. Without you, I don’t know what I would have done.”

While at the Goldpanner’s Baseball Game on Wednesday night, we had the opportunity to meet and greet many new and old friends. As the end of the night drew near, John appeared at our booth. He told us of how we impacted his life, inspired hope, and together, we drew closer to our Father.

John was having a difficult time. Between jobs, he was struggling to make ends meet. We met him in the gap, where he needed us to be, at the right time. Through the Golden Heart Benevolent Fund, we were able to help him keep the lights on. Today, he wants to return the favor.

You, our donors, contributed directly to the Golden Heart Benevolent Fund and because of you, John was able to get the help he needed, when he needed it.

Now, a client will turn volunteer, returning the gift of service to others in need.

Thank you for making John’s assistance possible through your generosity and love for your unknown friend named John. You made the difference, you changed a life.