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Sponsor Deadline October 31st

Families are nominated by local Schools, Nonprofits, and Churches. The families seeking adoption face serious financial hardship often through no fault of their own. 2019 has been a difficult year for many Fairbanks locals, with more families than usual facing a tough Christmas this year. The Adopt-A-Family Project is your chance to support these members of our local community in the true spirit of Christmas.

The Adopt-A-Family for Christmas Project invites individuals, businesses, clubs, schools, families and workplaces to join together in making sure everyone around Fairbanks has a truly merry Christmas.

Families Served Since 1995

Sponsor Guidelines

The families in this program are referred to the program. This is not assistance that a client can request. Referrals are gathered from school counselors, church pastors, and families who have called Love INC for help during this past year.

Potential families are pre-screened in the month of October. In November, names and phone numbers of those families who are accepted into the program during the pre-screening phase are split up among the various members on the Adopt a Family committee to interview.

During the interview we find out about the family needs – things that would benefit the family such as groceries, fuel, etc. and to gather ideas from family members (Wish Lists) as well as clothing needs and sizes.

Then the committee meets weekly to make the matches, taking into account the needs of the family and the wishes of the sponsor in order to make the best match possible! This process takes time and is completed before Thanksgiving giving sponsors time they need to gather gifts for the families.

Suggestions on Shopping

  • The Wish List you receive is a list of gift suggestions. You are not expected to get everything on the list and you can certainly give presents that are not on the list. Use the list as a starting place.


  • You may give used items, especially on the more expensive requests. We encourage the families to give practical and personal requests. Sometimes when they are reluctant to give gift suggestions for themselves we ask for a DREAM gift or for something they have always dreamed of having. This often brings out an expensive request. We explain that the sponsor may be able to find a used one.


  • Please don’t feel obligated to get expensive items, whether new or used. Remember this is an idea list. We put all gift ideas because you never know what sponsors may come up with! Miracles happen every year!


  • You may give gift certificates, especially for gas and groceries. Many families are struggling and while the kids like to open presents, the parents often appreciate and need the practical things more – food, heating fuel, gasoline, etc. We ask that you do not give cash.