Helping Alaska - Find food, clothing, housing, employment, and spiritual resources.
  • Food Boxes – Pickup at various churches. Call the Fairbanks Food Bank 907-452-7761 for the church of the day 10 am – 12 pm.
  • Prepared Meals
    • Stone Soup Cafe
      • 7:30 – 9 am M-F.
    • Fairbanks Rescue Mission.
      • Breakfast 7:15 am M-F, 8:15 Sat/Sun.
      • Lunch – Noon Daily.
      • Dinner – 5:30 Daily.
    • Immaculate Conception Church
      • 12 pm – 2 pm Sat & Sun.
    • 1st Presbyterian Church
      • Oct – May – Wed only 6 pm.

We can help with:

  • Firewood
  • Bedding
  • Household Items
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers & Wipes
  • Laundry Vouchers
  • Gas Cards
  • Bus Passes
  • Rx Prescriptions
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Winter Gear
  • Employment Help
  • Dental Care
  • Furniture
  • and so much more!

Need Resources?

Our caseworkers have access to many resources in Fairbanks and North Pole. They can help you connect with these resources and receive the things you need.

They will also help you navigate local non-profit, state, and federal programs and services available to you and your family.

You are not alone!

Each year over thousands of households rely on Helping Alaska for help. Our programs offer shelter, food, transportation, education, household items, firewood and so much more.

Money Problems

Our Quality Life Education and Mentoring program allows you to gain the skills to manage your finances, cook on a budget, learn new job skills, and other life skills. Our education program is designed to encourage you with group classes and one-on-one mentoring to help you with accountability.


Loving Families is a homeless program designed to keep you and your family together as you reset and seek housing. We offer a family friendly option designed for the whole family. Our goal is to keep your family together and allow you time to make the necessary changes in order to afford to get out and into your own apartment. We will help you get a job, apartment search, find transportation, and anything else you need.

Life Skills Classes

Dig out of debt, manage your finances, and set yourself on a path for success. This 12 session course offers skills in money management, budgeting, banking, forecasting, and savings. We also address credit and living within your means.

12 – Group Classes
4 – 1:1 coaching sessions

Facing eviction? Have landlord issues? We can help you overcome your housing issues with our rental education classes. We will explore tools to help with housing searches, budgeting, communication, resolving past issues, credit scores, and landlord-tenant laws.

8 – Group Classes
2 – 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Achieve your goals! This class teaches you to set and accomplish your goals to become a better you. Through our unique coaching and mentoring we have your back and can help you achieve your goals. We focus on goal setting & achievement, and coaching & mentoring.

6 – Group Classes
2 – 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Getting back to work takes time and effort. With this class, you will learn to find a new job and keep it. The class is uniquely split into 2 sections. First, we will look at job searching, resume’s, and interviewing. After you find a job we will work on communication and conflict as well as career advancement.

6 – Group Classes
4 – 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Providing a healthy meal for your family is essential. This class will teach you cooking skills, meal planning, nutritional eating, and how to shop smart.

6 – Group Classes

Adulting can be hard! Learn to organize your time management, repair your credit, budget your money, and how to handle the day to day stresses life can throw your way.

8 – Group Classes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Helping Alaska, formerly Love INC, was founded in Fairbanks, AK in 1985 and is committed to supporting individuals and families seeking assistance in their time of greatest need. Helping Alaska partners with local Christian churches and community organizations to provide resources, support, and guidance to residents of the Tanana Valley. Helping Alaska exists to assist Alaskan families by providing essential resources to build community, change lives, and inspire hope.

A caring volunteer receptionist will take your message so that a trained call center volunteer can call you back to confidentially gather the information needed to take the next steps.

After gathering information, we will work with you to develop an action plan. This may include support from local churches, agencies, or other entities. It will also include your participation and follow-up.

We do not distribute money, however, we may refer you to an organization that would be a possible source of financial support. We seek to walk with you through this time, offering to listen to you, pray with you, and explore options with you to help you discover community based resources to fit your unique needs.

The Loving Families program is for you. We offer a group of local churches to house homeless families for up to 90 days through a rotating shelter model. You and your children will be given food, shelter, transportation, and education to get back on your feet.