Lending a Loving Hand – A Challenging Start to 2021

Thank You From Love INC Of Fairbanks, Alaska

Last year was a challenging year for many. With the onset of a global pandemic and many changing environmental and work conditions, many families found themselves in need with few places to turn. While many started the road to recovery and a new sense of normal, hundreds are still out of work and struggling to get by. Last year, Love INC of the Tanana Valley received just short of 3230 requests for assistance. Thanks to your generosity and support, together we have been able to help nearly 3000 individuals and families in need.

This year has seen an even greater level of need. In the first quarter alone, we have received 3078 requests for assistance and have assisted 2995 of those requests. In the first quarter, we have nearly surpassed the total requests for assistance received for the previous year, in only a few short months. As you can see, the environment continues to be challenging, and many are in need of the vital services and supports we offer.

Through your continued generosity and giving, we have been able to continue to serve those in need. We expect 2021 to be a year of unprecedented hardship for many, while at the same time, an opportunity for you to contribute your support through your financial contributions, volunteerism, and critical donations. Together we can make an incredible impact on our community by supporting the needs of so many. If you would like to get involved by donating your time, please call for more information on one of our great volunteer opportunities.

About Love INC

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) is a Christian nonprofit organization, located in Fairbanks, Alaska that provides a variety of services to those in need within our community. With our partnership of local churches Love INC motivates the church to transform lives. Our volunteer caseworkers have access to many resources in Fairbanks and surrounding areas. We help individuals and families connect with resources to help in their time of need. While providing direct assistance, we also help navigate the complexities of local, state, and federal programs available to individuals and families. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, explore how we can help by visiting us online at www.loveincfairbanks.org or by calling 907-452-5683.

Help Line: 907-452-5683 | Admin Line: 907-452-3876