Get Involved

You are the solution!

Each week Volunteers from local congregations provide meals, stay overnight, or help move beds. Leading by Christ’s example, they help these families overcome their obstacles and see transformation first hand.

Each family is screened for safety and their desire to succeed within the program. During the 90 days, families are able to save income for future housing and receive Life Skills Education in order to overcome obstacles and provide for their families.

Make A Difference: Donate

A simple $100 donation will feed, house, and provide for a child for a week.
You can help Love INC be the change these families need to get back on their feet and on to sustainable lifestyle.

Sponsor a bed with a $ 250 Donation. You will provide a bed for the families to take with them as they leave the Loving Families Program!.

Sponsor a Welcome Kit with a $30 Donation. This includes blankets, toiletries, laundry vouchers, and bus passes for the family.

Bed Nights Annually
Volunteer Hours Annually
Meals Provided Annually