Sharing Love with Love INC

Virginia Meredith grew up in the greater Chicago area and moved to Denver, Colorado when she was young. After graduating high school, she moved to Fairbanks in 1975. She had a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and wanted a simple, healthy, life for her and her daughter. She was ready for a new start, a fresh beginning, and something new.
After 46 years, she has seen Fairbanks grow and change.

She discovered Love INC a few years after arriving in Alaska while studying Nursing at UAF. She was told of all the ways that Love INC helped in the community. She contacted Love INC to arrange a ride to church. A volunteer contacted her and they shared rides for several years afterward and they developed a close relationship. She knew at that moment that someday she wanted to get more involved.

Flash forward some years later that opportunity was presented to her. The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation placed her in her role with Love INC nearly 40 years later. Her time here with Vocational Rehab was spent at the reception desk, assisting those in need on the Help Line and fielding calls for the Alaska Housing Rental Relief Program. She has been a valuable part of the team and often the first contact for many of those requesting help.

“Love INC is such a worthy organization. It was so nice of them to give me help when I needed it. That was the first time I encountered Love INC. I have admired and respected Love INC from the moment I first met them. I will spread the word far and wide about how amazing this organization is,” says Meredith.

“I appreciated the kindness and helpfulness of Virginia. She was our receptionist for the Alaska Housing Relief Program we are working on now,” says Val Leyva, Virginia’s supervisor at Love INC.

We are thankful for the time Virginia has been with us and although she is moving onto another opportunity, we want you to join with us to wish her well in her next chapter and thank her for her time, dedication, and devotion to our mission and the people we serve.